New Song — Look Away (ft. Justina Shandler)


It’s been some time since the granite folded valleys of muirscape have seen action, but no better way to break the silence! Featuring Justina Shandler on vocals & Abi Loutoo on cello. More to come!


New Plugin — PhaseRaise

Responsive. Adaptive. I’ve always loved plug-ins that allow the user to control parameters with the various qualities of audio. This is what makes acoustic instruments so appealing—the piano, for example, will change timbre (sound characteristically different) when struck with differing forces. Stronger forces exhibit brighter sounds, while lighter forces dull & damp the sound.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.03.37 PM

Downloads (Free)


(AU 32/64-bit)   (VST 32/64-bit)


(VST 32-bit)   (VST 64-bit)



PhaseRaise is volume responsive. When the signal jumps above the threshold, the frequency of the phaser follows the contour of the signal’s envelope (set by the rise & fall times).

The following demo samples were made with PhaseRaise.

PhaseRaise was coded using JUCE—an excellent & highly aesthetic library of C++ classes ranging everything from low-end data structure objects to high-end user graphics. It’s absolutely killer. Check it out!

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New Song — Nightrun (Muir & Abi-L-ity’s Nightfall Mix)

Nightrun is the first track off Trifonic‘s recent album Ninth Wave and includes sound design & compositional collaboration with MindBuffer.

Remixed & produced with Abi-L-ity